Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Of packages and things

I've been a fan of Quitokeeto since their very beginning, but I hadn't ordered anything until last month. It showed up on my doorstep in two short days: a simple white, flip-top box, bound up with a black and white swirly version of packing tape. This thrilled me.

Inside was a handwritten thank you attached with the same pink tape I've seen a dozen times on 101 Cookbooks. It took me until I showed Kevin, hours later, to recognize the "note" was actually a personalized receipt. It pained me, even, to call it that. It was so much more.

Because then there was the clean-wrapped paper parcel. It was held fast with an adhesive Quitokeeto card. Then, a wound padding, and at the heart of that nest, a swaddled jar of Cerf-Volant Linden Honey.

The description on Quitokeeto is right: The honey really is the texture and sheen of "a most luxurious lip gloss." Its fragrance and flavor is of cucumber and eucalyptus, flowers and lemon sherbet and salt air. I sneak licks from the jar in the margins of my day, because I can. I have swirled it into strawberries. I have plans for Linden Honey ice cream.

I'm not really one for product or company reviews. I'd rather write about books or jaunts or people. But Heidi and Wayne are onto something with their shop, so I had to mention it. I smiled for days after the honey arrived. And I smile every time I see the jar. I come away from clicking around Quitokeeto feeling inspired both artistically and gastronomically. And I get the feeling like there is a community I am connected to, like I'm not the only one who values the simple beauty of process and forethought, continuity and connection and form.

In reality, I don't know how much care these people put into packaging up a simple jar of honey. I haven't asked. But when I received it, I felt cared for, and that matters. It was timely. It was careful. It was beautifully packed, and the product itself - the raw Linden honey from a Provence on other side of North America - it really is all they talk it up to be.

So, thank you, Quitokeeto. For coming through. Thank you Heidi and Wayne and the people you gather to make it all happen. May your eyes brighten and your energy lift as your shop continues to flourish, not because of any lick of luck, but rather because of all the little licks of sweet life you send into the world. Energy. Beauty. Inspiration and hope. My little jar of honey being one of them.



  1. It is so dangerous that you have introduced me to this! The yearning!

  2. And this is just the honey, Emily!