Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Post

For a moment just now I was stressed. I had planned last night to sneak off to the market early for an hour while the air was still cool and Eden was happy and fed and in Kevin's care. But the market has started, the day is rolling on, and she sleeps, unfed. Woe! She sleeps.

Anyone with half a brain perhaps will notice the oddity--neh, the insanity--of that last sentence. "Woe she sleeps"? Yeah, right. "Yea! She sleeps" is more like it. I am sleep deprived, not stupid. So I promptly realized my mistake, got my cup of coffee and sat down here.

This is just a Saturday post, one where the weight of the week has sloughed off and the rest you always hope will come has, indeed, come. The recipe today is not for food. It is for equilibrium. We're creeping towards it. I got my first eight hours of sleep last night since Eden was born. Rest: it is one of the great wisdoms of the ages and religions and unreligions of the world. Eight hours of sleep, and though it was still very much interrupted, it was enough to feel like a gift and a luxury. I was grateful. And I woke up smiling.

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