Thursday, April 18, 2013

A quieter moment

I had planned to talk about one thing or another this week, but it just seems off. I don't usually like talking about current events, but I guess there are always exceptions. The Monday bombings at the Boston Marathon and then another blast in Texas this morning that, I assume, is totally unrelated, has me reeling. Peace to all of you in those areas immediately affected. Peace to those connected to those affected. Peace to all of us as we help by picking up our own selves by our bootstraps and keep walking.

An old college friend of mine lives in Boston, and she joined many that same night for a Freedom Trail Run of support for all those injured or killed in the bombings. She said she was proud of her city and to be a part of it. "It was a very emotional run," she said.

I'm proud too--to be a part of humanity. We might often be stupider than mudbricks, misguided, misinformed, and outright awful, but we also sometimes get something very right. We sometimes understand the good things in life: bravery, community, grace, peace, hope. May we spiral into the latter friends. May we know what it is to be taken over by love.

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