Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The (After) Holiday Stir Fry

We're still working our way through that turkey I baked last week. So in the midst of the now all-encompassing holiday baking I've tried to work it into some meals to help offset the onslaught of sugar-ladened goodies. Yesterday's lunch did surprisingly well for me: kale, frisse, turkey, shallot, and toasted croutons.

It was crunchy and soured, bitter and soft. It was simple and warm in the midst of a cold day back to writing and slogging through a mess of essays and bits and pieces which are supposed to become a book. And after all the richness of Thanksgiving and a little housewarming even over the weekend, such straightforward food was more than welcomed. I usually just put the turkey on bread and call it a sandwhich, because we don't usually have hunks of meat lounging in the fridge for such purposes. And I do like a good sandwhich, but this warming diversion helped remind me that even after all the lovely, tiring craziness of holiday cooking, I still rather enjoy the random mishmash of a grab and fry lunch.

The drill goes like this: for lunch alone: heat a healthy drizzle of good olive oil in a pan with the fire on medium, dice a bit of shallot (a few tablespoons is enough), and add to the hot oil. Fry until the shallot starts to soften, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, grab a few stalks of lacinato kale (or other green--but note the difference in structure and adjust cooking time accordingly), wash and cut into ribbons, leaving the ribs intact if you are lazy like me. Add to the shallots and cook until wilted. Stir occasionally.

Meanwhile still, brush a couple pieces of whole wheat sourdough bread with olive oil on both sides and stick in the toaster or toaster oven until golden. (Please note: I did not do this toasting beforehand this time because I forgot and felt overly lazy, thus the "croutons" weren't quite crouton-y, but I would not do that again.) Cut into cubes of appropriate size and set aside.

While the kale cooks, chop up a handful or so of turkey meat and a handful of washed frisse. (The frisse is optional. Not too many have it just lying around after Thanksgiving. I get that.) When the kale is as cooked as you like it--say, easy to bite through but still vibrant--add the turkey and frisse (if using) to the pan. Cook for a minute or two and then add the bread. Heat through.

Drizzle a bit of red wine vinegar on the stir fry and a little more of the good olive oil if you feel you still need fattening up. Sprinkle on some salt, and grind a bit of black pepper too. Toss, and scrape the contents out into a bowl. Eat immediately, and enjoy!

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